• Transform Business Development Representatives Obstacles into Advantages with AI 

    Navigating business growth is challenging amidst fierce competition and the rapid evolution of technologies like AI.

    But guess what?

    AI, merged with no-code technology—tools empowers you to create solutions effortlessly—is not merely a trend; it's a transformative force.

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    As The Digital Plug Fitters, we're here to unlock AI's potential for your business, boosting customer engagement and lead generation with the support of our Business Development Representative Chatbots.

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    Simplifying AI for Actionable Growth

    We simplify AI integration, leveraging your team's skills to focus on actionable growth strategies. This approach not only amplifies your team's effectiveness but also keeps them ahead of the curve with AI's support, transforming AI from a complex tool into the ultimate knowledge assistant for your business.

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    AI: Your Hidden Advantage

    Consider AI as your secret weapon. The prospect of integrating AI might seem daunting, but that's precisely where we step in. We ease the transition from traditional methods to innovative ‘AI powered workflows’. This makes scaling your business much more manageable and positions you for success.

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    Accelerating Your Success

    Are you aiming to enhance your team's efficiency and customer satisfaction? Partner with The Digital Plug Fitters. Our unique combination of no-code technology and AI is designed to drive business growth. Let us empower your business development with AI.

  • Transform Your Organization with Smart AI Solutions

    Rely on The Digital Plug Fitters to streamline operations with advanced AI, enhancing productivity.

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    Workflow automation

    Seamlessly integrate business applications with digital (API) plugs to automate form processing, execute marketing campaigns, and build apps integrated with databases like Airtable for AI automation.

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    AI integration

    With no-code and AI tools revolutionizes user productivity by automating repetitive tasks, enhancing data analysis, and enabling advanced features like image and voice recognition, all with ease.

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    BDR Chatbots

    Business Development Representative chatbots streamline business processes by automating Q&A, sales, database inquiries, and appointment scheduling, enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.


  • Prepared or Unprepared for AI? Find Out in 7 Minutes

    Determine if you're among the elite 3% or the unprepared 97%.

    1. Instantly know if your business is ahead or needs to catch up in the AI race.
    2. See how you stack up to the global benchmark of AI preparedness.
    3. Discover if you're at risk of falling into the 97% of companies not fully ready for AI.
    4. Finish with a clear, actionable plan to implement AI solutions right away.
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  • Why No-code Unlocks AI's Potential for Smarter Business Development

    No-code and AI together enable rapid business growth, making development agile and data-driven. This combination allows your business to quickly adapt to market changes, enhance customer satisfaction, and maintain a competitive edge.


    By integrating no-code platforms with AI, in partnership with The Digital Plug Fitters, your business can explore new opportunities more systematically. This collaboration turns challenges into advantages and streamlines workflows for actionable growth, empowering your team with the tools to innovate and stay ahead.


  • Roadmap to Start

    Drive AI adoption with focused, incremental steps towards key milestones.


    Coffee Meeting

    Kickstart Your AI Journey

    Engage in a virtual coffee meeting to discover how AI can elevate your company.

    • During this informal meeting, we'll discuss your vision and how AI can be integrated to achieve your goals.


    Virtual Coffee Chat

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    Strategy Plan

    Laying the Groundwork

    Begin with a zero meeting to chart your ai path.

    • Assess current tools and resources, establish clear and achievable goals.
    • Plan your data strategy comprehensively.
    • Define pilot projects, prototyping approaches, and KPIs.

    Proof of concept

    Demonstrating Potential

    Develop a tangible proof of concept from your strategic plan.

    • Extract a viable workflow from your strategy.
    • Create a proof of concept that showcases AI's potential.
    • Aim for a prototype that secures organizational buy-in and approval.

    Strategy Implementation

    Bringing Your Plan to Life

    Follow the AI project implementation roadmap for success.

    • Execute the strategy step by step.
    • Focus on timely delivery and adherence to milestones.
    • Ensure alignment with your overall business objectives.
  • Transparent Pricing

    Simple and Predictable

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    Easy-to-understand billing process.

    We provide a clear plan with fixed costs, billed monthly. Projects start with a Proof of Concept, costing only if approved. No approval, no charge, unless otherwise agreed. Enjoy our free initial Coffee Meeting.


    Strategy for €897 ex VAT

    Affordable, straightforward strategy development.


    Our Monthly Retainer covers all no-code and AI services for a set period, with no hidden fees. We align our work with your tech, advising on improvements as needed, ensuring a smooth and efficient partnership.

  • Proud of Our Customers

    We take pride in our satisfied customers who have transformed their processes in various ways. Digital connectors and no-code tools have been employed for growth and enhancement.

  • Journey with smart AI solutions

    Real-Life Stories of Digital Transformation with The Digital Plug Fitters.

  • About Us

    F1DPA is not just a service, it's your catalyst for change. We equip you with advanced no-code solutions and AI technologies, transforming your business into a dynamic entity that thrives in the digital age. It's not about what we can do, but what you can achieve.

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    Driven by my passion for helping individuals navigate the digital landscape.

    I bring two decades of experience and over 100 successful transformations to the table.

    The rise of No-Code and AI technologies carved out a new path for 'Klanten Generatie Experts', a venture I started in 2017. Since 2022, F1DPA has been wholeheartedly committed to no-code, AI technology, and forging digital connections.

    My mission? To make a positive mark on the world by assisting others in achieving their goals.


    Book Consultation (free)

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    Drawing from the discipline I cultivated in handball, I founded our agency in 2022 after a period as a software developer with a background in computer science.

    My primary mission? To assist small and medium-sized enterprises in leveraging the advantages of No-Code and AI automations.

    Focusing intensely on project development and ensuring smooth integrations with top-tier platforms, I employ the swiftness and straightforwardness of No-Code combined with AI to deliver effective solutions in record time.



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    AI Driven Assistent

    Meet Tim, our BDR chatbot and a shining example of what The Digital Plug Fitters can achieve. Leveraging our expertise in No-Code and AI automations, he embodies the efficiency we deliver in all our solutions. Available 24/7, Tim is always ready to answer your questions and assist with any inquiry, demonstrating our commitment to accessible, innovative technology and client support around the clock.


    Chat with me!


  • F1DP Agency Invites no-code and AI Entrepreneurs: Be Part of the Digital Revolution

    At F1DP Agency, we operate as an entrepreneur cooperative, entirely dedicated to aiding clients in their digital transformation. Our passion is to leverage no-code and AI technologies to propel the digital evolution of marketing and sales teams. We invite you to join us in this passion. Together, we can shape the future of digital workflows and set a new standard for efficiency and innovation. Contact us today and become a pivotal figure in the digital future.

  • Contact Us

    Let's work together!


    Madoerastraat 5

    2585 VA Den Haag


      call +31850609048

    Company details

    F1DPA, also known as The First Digital Plug Agency, is a subsidiary of Coöperatie Klanten Generatie Experts U.A. and is based in the Netherlands. It is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the number 70069808.


    General Terms and Conditions of Coöperatie Klanten Generatie Experts U.A.

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