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  • Is Your Company Prepared or Unprepared for AI?

    In a rapidly changing world where AI technologies determine the future of businesses, knowing your position is essential. Are you among the mere 3% of companies that are fully prepared for AI? According to the 'Cisco AI Readiness Index', based on a survey of over 8,000 companies worldwide, a significant portion is not yet ready for this leap. And with more than half of the companies seriously concerned about the impact on their business if they don't act quickly, the need to take action is clear.


    The Solution? No-Code Technologies. These innovative tools enable your business to respond quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively to the AI revolution. But where do you start?

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    Where does your business stand? Are you a Laggard, Follower, Chaser or Pacesetter?


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    How can no-code platforms help you become AI-ready faster?


    Receive Action-Oriented Advice

    Get concrete steps to effectively prepare your organization for AI.

  • Why is This Questionnaire Crucial?


    Prevent Lagging Behind

    Don’t be part of the 97% that is not yet fully prepared for the AI revolution.


    Drive Innovation

    Leverage no-code solutions to enhance your capacity for innovation with AI.


    Lead the Way

    Be proactive and take steps now that will set your business apart.


    The Future Won’t Wait

    The AI possibilities are here. Together with no-code technologies, you hold the key to respond swiftly and effectively.

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