• Follower

    Kudos to your organization for earning the title of "Follower" in the AI integration field!


    Your organization is at an early stage in no-code AI usage – you understand the basics but haven't yet mastered the strategic approach needed for effective implementation.


    Picture it like being a novice in a complex board game; you understand the moves but haven't developed a winning strategy yet. Your data management is somewhat basic, and your policies on AI governance and ethics are still in their infancy.


    When it comes to AI skills, your team has a few gaps, and the company culture isn't fully on board with embracing AI just yet.


    By focusing on these areas in the tips, your company can make significant progress from being a "Follower" towards becoming a "Chaser" in AI readiness, moving closer to effectively integrating AI into your business for growth and innovation. 🌐💡📈

  • Here's some advice

     To level up from a "Follower" to a "Chaser" in the AI world consider these actionable steps!

    Craft a Solid AI Roadmap

    Right now, your company recognizes AI’s potential but lacks a unified plan. Begin by establishing concrete AI objectives that align with your business’s aims. It's about understanding AI’s role in your industry and scaling it to your organization's size.

    Upgrade Your Tech and Data Skills

    To catch up to Chasers, improve your technological infrastructure and data management. Think about investing in better cloud solutions, secure data storage, and organization. Quality data is crucial for AI’s success – treat it like the fuel for your AI engine.

    Establish AI Ethics and Governance

    Set up a framework for responsible AI usage. This means not only complying with laws but also considering AI’s moral impact. Think of it as setting the rules of engagement for AI in your organization.


    Boost Employee AI Skills

    The difference between Followers and Chasers often lies in AI expertise. Invest in training for your staff and possibly bring in AI specialists. Promote a culture where learning and innovation are encouraged, preparing your team for AI integration.

    Nurture an AI-Positive Culture

    Create an environment where AI is welcomed and understood. This involves getting everyone from top management to frontline staff on board with AI. It's about fostering open discussions and enthusiasm for AI-driven changes.

    Initiate AI Pilot Projects

    Start with manageable AI projects to gain practical experience and showcase value. Select projects with clear goals and trackable results. These early successes can build confidence and support for bigger AI ventures.

    Collaborate and Stay Informed

    Connect with other businesses, academic circles, and AI communities. Networking can offer insights into best practices and new trends, and open up collaboration opportunities.

    Regularly Review and Adapt

    Continuously assess how your AI projects are performing. Be ready to adjust your strategy based on feedback and shifts in the AI landscape. Agility is vital in keeping up with AI’s rapid evolution.