• Meet the Digital Plug Fitters

    Specialists dedicated to crafting and refining digital connections.

    We ensure a seamless integration of your marketing and sales operations.

    Leverage Distinctive Capabilities

    Cutting edge No-Code automation and AI automation coupled with Prompt Engineering Expertise.

    Experience Unmatched Efficiency

    Projects delivered up to ten times faster than our competitors.

    By using our automations, you unlock a world of untapped opportunities essential for your growth and success.

  • Boost Your Returns


    Save Time and Money with No-Code AI Automations

    Streamline Operations

    Elevate your marketing and sales efforts with our no-code AI automation solutions. Focus on core objectives and let us handle the digital complexities.


    We specialize in creating tailored no-code automation and AI automation, crafting engineering prompts daily for our clients. Eliminate the need to search for specialized talent or navigate new procedures – we've got you covered.

    More than just a service provider, we're your partner on the path to success, ensuring cost-effective and immediate results.


    Ready to level up your marketing and sales capabilities? Dive into new opportunities with us. Our team's unmatched expertise, profound understanding of target markets, and round-the-clock availability set us apart.

    Let's Achieve Together

    Partnering with us will strengthen your strategy.


    The benefits of our collaboration include:

    1. Maximizing your profits by focusing on marketing and sales
    2. Saving time and resources through the use of automation in your operations
    3. Gaining firsthand access to the latest technologies
    4. Partnering with specialists in no-code automation, AI automation, Prompt engineering
    5. Achieving quick results with tailored automation solutions
    6. Strengthening your strategy through a partnership committed to achieving your goals
    7. Boosting your productivity by focusing on your areas of expertise, while we take care of the technical aspects
  • How We Can Help?

    Are you overwhelmed with too many marketing and sales tools?

    We're here to offer a streamlined, integrated approach.


    Empower your marketing and sales teams with:



    No-Code Automation

    Create marketing campaigns without coding. For instance, promptly send follow-up communications after a quote to enhance engagement and increase sales.


    AI Automation

    Utilize AI to grasp customer patterns, such as examining their chatbot conversations to refine your marketing and website.


    AI Chatbot

    Engage with leads and customers around the clock. "Your Own ChatGPT" can answer queries about your organization or the latest marketing campaign, even outside business hours.


    Prompt Engineering

    Craft timely responses and prompts to nurture leads. For instance, auto-send follow-ups to warm leads to increase conversion opportunities.


    Digital Plugs

    Ensure a cohesive strategy by integrating your sales and marketing tools. An example would be seamlessly connecting your email marketing software with your sales CRM.



    Receive marketing and sales strategies tailored to your specific campaigns. Are you planning a product launch? Allow us to optimize your marketing automation approach for maximum reach.

  • Assisting Clients Globally

    Our team serves English and Dutch speakers worldwide. Ready for digital growth with your marketing and sales? Let's connect, and we'll guide your business forward.


  • How We Enable Customers to Streamline Marketing and Sales Workflows

    We are committed to helping our customers implement and use a variety of no-code automation and AI automation for marketing and sales workflows. These automations are used on a daily basis, and we provide hands-on assistance to ensure that the implementation and use of these tools is successful.

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  • Features

    The Power of Automation

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    With Existing Teams

    Empower your team to do more. By eliminating repetitive tasks, each team member can zero in on what they excel at, enhancing overall productivity.

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    Maximized Efficiency

    Automated workflows lead to streamlined processes, allowing teams to achieve more with fewer resources. This not only boosts efficiency but invigorates motivation.


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    Adapt with Agility

    Do you need to make changes to marketing and sales workflows quickly? No problem with no-code! The market is constantly changing. And businesses who can react flexibility and adapt well are always at an advantage.

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    Save Time on Training

    Make the most of what you have. Leverage your current team's potential. There's no need for extensive training on new tools or the quest for niche expertise.

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    Stay Relevant in Changing Times

    Fast Response to Market Dynamics. In a world that's constantly changing, ensure your business remains compliant and competitive with automation.

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    Support Marketing and Sales Teams

    Rebalance for efficiency. Alleviate the load on your core teams. Let us handle the routine, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

  • Roadmap

    Our clear path guiding you directly to your objectives.


    Partnership Onboarding

    We’ll establish a mutual understanding and uncover the automation opportunities suitable for your organization.


    Idea Generation

    We’ll craft 10-20 automation concepts and exhibit these on a visual platform.



    Guide us on your preferences and ideas, with our expertise assisting your choices.



    Every automation concept undergoes rigorous testing and refining before its implementation.



    Relax, as we manage all the maintenance and updates, sparing you the task.

  • Transparent Fees 

    Monthly Retainer:

    Offers comprehensive no-code and AI-automation solutions, eliminating extra costs and administrative hassles.


    Invest in Assurance

    With our fixed retainer fees, you can always expect consistent value, devoid of surprises. It includes access to no-code AI tools (in line with a fair use policy).

    Partnership Kickoff

    At the onset of our collaboration, we'll check how our services fit with your current tools.

    Existing Tech

    We strive to maximize the potential of your current tech stack. Should there be compatibility challenges, we're prepared to advise on efficient upgrades or integrations.

  • Proud of Our Customers

    We take pride in our satisfied customers who have transformed their marketing and sales processes in various ways. Digital connectors and no-code tools have been employed for growth and enhancement.

  • Examples

    Powered with no-code and AI

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    Agency Custom ChatGPT

    Dive in our agency knowledge with our advanced AI chatbot. You can add this to your website, app, wiki everywehre you can embed.

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    EnergieCoach Custom ChatGPT

    Anja helps answer the questions that an energy coach has.

  • See our advanced F1DP Agency Chatbot
  • FAQs


  • About Us

    F1DP Agency is not just a service, it's your catalyst for change. We equip you with advanced no-code solutions and AI technologies, transforming your business into a dynamic entity that thrives in the digital age. It's not about what we can do, but what you can achieve.

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    Driven by my passion for helping individuals navigate the digital landscape.

    I bring two decades of experience and over 100 successful transformations to the table.

    The rise of No-Code and AI technologies carved out a new path for 'Klanten Generatie Experts', a venture I started in 2017. Since 2022, F1DP Agency has been wholeheartedly committed to no-code, AI technology, and forging digital connections.

    My mission? To make a positive mark on the world by assisting others in achieving their goals.

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    Drawing from the discipline I cultivated in handball, I founded our agency in 2022 after a period as a software developer with a background in computer science.

    My primary mission? To assist small and medium-sized enterprises in leveraging the advantages of No-Code and AI automations.

    Focusing intensely on project development and ensuring smooth integrations with top-tier platforms, I employ the swiftness and straightforwardness of No-Code combined with AI to deliver effective solutions in record time.



  • F1DP Agency Invites no-code and AI Entrepreneurs: Be Part of the Digital Revolution

    At F1DP Agency, we operate as an entrepreneur cooperative, entirely dedicated to aiding clients in their digital transformation. Our passion is to leverage no-code and AI technologies to propel the digital evolution of marketing and sales teams. We invite you to join us in this passion. Together, we can shape the future of digital workflows and set a new standard for efficiency and innovation. Contact us today and become a pivotal figure in the digital future.

  • Contact Us

    Let's work together!


    Madoerastraat 5

    2585 VA Den Haag


      call +31850609048

    Company details

    F1DP Agency, also known as The First Digital Plug Agency, is a subsidiary of Coöperatie Klanten Generatie Experts U.A. and is based in the Netherlands. It is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the number 70069808.


    General Terms and Conditions of Coöperatie Klanten Generatie Experts U.A.

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