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    Custom ChatGPT

    A custom ChatGPT excels in areas such as customer support, marketing, onboarding, and training.

    Using a Custom ChatGPT ensures 24/7 customer engagement, serving as a virtual representative for your company. This is merely one of the many applications of LLMs like ChatGPT. You benefit from enhanced efficiency, continuous support, and potential sales growth.


    Explore the various versions of LLMs like ChatGPT that we've crafted. While we've included sample questions to guide you, feel free to ask your own questions.


    For professionals in real estate and construction, a Custom ChatGPT offers insights into project details, location, sustainability, types of homes, energy ratings, building regulations, unique features, sales strategies, financial requirements, and feedback from residents.

    Additionally, it can address inquiries about pricing, construction timelines, and scheduling. Equipped with resources like PDF brochures, website content, pricing sheets, .docx agreements, and comprehensive property databases. 

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    Embrace this innovative tool. If you see its potential for your organization, please arrange a complimentary consultation. 

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    VirtuOnboard is a demonstration of an onboarding chatbot designed to streamline the employee onboarding process for the fictional company named Virtuonboard. This chatbot is an artificial intelligence-based solution developed to assist new hires during their initial days at the organization. Its primary purpose is to provide a smooth and informative experience for employees joining Virtuonboard.

    Tim the F1DP Agency assistent is your ultimate companion for all things related to F1dpa, offering comprehensive knowledge and information about this niche topic. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a newcomer, Tim is your go-to source for insights and details.

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    The Strong Iron Gym chatbot is a demonstration of a sales chatbot designed to assist gyms in attracting and converting potential customers. This chatbot leverages artificial intelligence and natural language processing to engage with website visitors or potential gym members in a conversational manner, ultimately driving sales and membership sign-ups.

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    Financial Horizon Advisors is a fictitious company that serves as a demonstration of a database chatbot designed to assist financial service providers in managing and accessing their financial data more efficiently. This chatbot leverages artificial intelligence and database integration to streamline various financial tasks and inquiries.

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    Some of our finished projects

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    Silverspas Product Delivery Management(PDM)

    Silverspas Producten and Delivery System is a sophisticated and streamlined solution that combines the power of Airtable's database functionality with an Adalo website to offer a seamless experience for managing and delivering products.

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    Energiecoach App

    The Eco Energy Coach App facilitates energy conservation through efficient tracking and coaching. Users can install it on both Apple and Android devices. The front-end manages coach assignments, energy advice, and orders, while the back-end tracks progress comprehensively. The app guides residents to seek help, assigns coaches, and offers personalized energy-saving guidance.

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