• How it works

    Keep track of al the deliveries and production process in airtable

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    Delivery tracking

    The Airtable-based order management system is a dynamic platform designed to automate email notifications. It facilitates effortless communication with customers and offers a user-friendly logbook for monitoring actions. This comprehensive solution ensures that updates trigger automatic notifications and maintains a transparent record of all order-related interactions, enhancing overall efficiency. Additionally, within Airtable, there's a dedicated button for sending emails. When recipients respond by clicking this button, their replies are seamlessly recorded as status changes, simplifying tracking and monitoring within the order management framework.

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    Within the Production section, a table operates as a checklist in the factory. Team members can transition items from red (not started) to yellow (in progress) and finally to green (done), effectively tracking the product's progress. This system provides a visual representation of the production phase. Moreover, it displays attachments and accompanying notes for comprehensive documentation and reference.

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    Error handling

    Within the Airtable interface, there's a dedicated page for tracking elements that aren't synchronized. It uses an orange label to highlight instances where a date change occurs without a corresponding email update. Additionally, a red label indicates cases where a delivery week or date has been denied, ensuring clear visibility and prompt action for any discrepancies in the synchronization process.

  • Adalo

    Addresses and an overview

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    We've developed a route planner within Adalo, enabling users to visualize scheduled deliveries by week. This tool assists in creating tailored delivery plans, ensuring timely shipments. Additionally, the website offers filters and options to view both pending and completed orders, providing flexibility and enhanced order management capabilities.